Advocacy in the face of Corporatocracy

By definition our democratic principled system is DEAD and does not serve the will of the people. 

By definition--we are now in a state of unadulterated, unwelcomed, undesired Corporatocracy, something constituents have never requested, condoned, ratified or agreed to--therefore it must be challenged if not rejected and certainly not supported without question. 

I don't regard myself or other concerned world citizens as activist so much as advocates for rectification or even replacement, without questioning... governance becomes token and self-serving.

Many of us advocate for restoration of sense and a return to the pact we entered into with established social contracts. Unfortunately, governance has lost its way and no longer serves the will of constituents. This invalidates the processes leaving no option other than for us to expose corruption and collusion--protest inequity and struggle to restore true, unperverted democratic principles as agreed in all founding manifestos.

Until this occurs advocacy is legitimate, lawful, reasonable and is in fact a duty for all fairness loving patriotic citizens.
Advocacy is just!... Right is right... period!

In the spirit of principled reconciliation such advocacy must abide by the laws of the land and be conducted peacefully yet insistently.

It is all about getting the word out anyway we can!

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It is all about getting the word out anyway we can!

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