Even the most cynical and jaded of us are coming to the realization that our planet is experiencing an accelerating change most often noticed as very unusual events categorized as natural catastrophe.

It is a fact that our planet is, was and always will be in a state of change, that is the nature of our solar system and indeed the universe itself. We are not a static object bobbing in a still pond. Periodically cyclic motions trigger more pronounced earth change events. The historical record clearly shows a constant flow of condition change. We are not in an unprecedented situation, merely one that has slid from living memory.

NASA-Funded Study Reveals Hazards of Severe ...

It is not as though we are not receiving ample warning, BUT...

Authorities seem to be less than forthcoming in acknowledging either changing conditions here on earth or the ramifications of them. If they are acknowledging what most people see... even anecdotally, they do not seem to be gathering what seem to be unrelated recent discoveries about our planet and it's workings into a single cohesive causal phenomena and so it behooves us as individuals to run ahead of outmoded scientific models and keep a personal finger on the pulse.

That is the purpose of this place.

It is not for the sake of fear-mongering, it is for the sake of offering an opportunity to glimpse facets of Extreme Earth Change motivators in the interest of self discernment, self-awareness and self-determination.

When the time for action comes, the time for preparation is past.

This humble way-station in cyberspace is intended for the purpose of disseminating - current situational awareness bulletins, and of course some mild commentary. The past is immutable, the future is ours to decide.

We are the voice of the Lilliputian spirit, and will prevail

All comments, concerns or suggestions are welcomed... of course.

Thank you for your patronage.

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