X-Space Weather

Current Sun Activity

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
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Various eruptions from the sun can disrupt electrical and communications services here on earth. The following is a brief explanation of those forces and what effects they can have.

There are three main mechanisms of disruption.

Geomagnetic storms - These range from G1 through G5 Severity
Disturbances in the geomagnetic field caused by gusts in the solar wind that blows by Earth.

Solar Radiation Storms - These range from S1 through S5 Severity
Elevated levels of radiation that occur when the numbers of energetic particles increase.

Magnetosphere Radio blackouts - these range from R1 through R5 Severity
Disturbances of the ionosphere caused by X-ray emissions from the Sun.

Click on each of the links to view the chart for each event type. The chart provides the effects caused  by each level of severity. I highly recommend becoming at least familiar with the notion of tracking space weather and being able to quickly realize the possible ramifications of each severity.

1 being low.
5 being maximum.

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