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Update... The flipping sun to cause unprecedented catastrophe?

Question: What implication does ignorance or blindness have for policy makers responding to this crisis?
"Well, quite frankly we didn't see it coming..." (The circa 2007 authoritarian mantra)...
Over time, theories tend to cease being thought of as theoretical and begin to be thought of as unassailable, unquestionable fact. However, unquestioned fundamental assumptions will one day be science's downfall...
  • Is science failing to compile the bigger picture?
  • Is government steadfast in their silence?
  1. Are shifting conditions around and within our sun leading to a place of great earth change?
  2. Is science, faced with ever changing discovery now in uncharted waters?
There have been many recent key announcements from the scientific community which give cause for concern, here I will present some background gleaned from recent scientific announcements and attempt to knit them together to reveal a larger and perhaps disturbing trend change within out solar reality.

Could increasing earth changes be associated with a new phenomena... Super Flux Transfer Events or "SFTE" for short?

Could other recent solar system phenomena discoveries represent a cohesive causal mechanism for change? Are there other emerging factors compounding solar system behavior?

We are the voice of the Lilliputian spirit, and will prevail

What are some of these acknowledged differences today?

2010 - Agents of change - My dirty dozen...

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