12 Discoveries

2010 - Agents of change - My dirty dozen...

It is difficult not to recognize and acknowledge an apparent escalation of severe natural earth changes occurring on an almost daily basis. With recent and modern observational capability science has revealed several key and distinct characteristics of our solar system, could these be the agents of change?...


Voyager 1 Discovers Bizarre and Baffling Region at Edge of Solar System*
NASA's Van Allen Probes Discover Particle Accelerator in the Heart of Earth’s Radiation Belts*
Sun's 2013 Solar Activity Peak Is Weakest in 100 Years*
Sun's 2013 Solar Activity Peak is Weak and Disappointing*
Solar Activity Is Not Influenced By Other Planets In The Solar System
New Surprises at the Heliospheric Boundary, Part 2 | Space News (Video)
Giant hole spotted in sun
Researchers discover the secret behind increased lightning activity

Original Dozen

1.The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that physics says should not exist.

2. Discovery of existing ion pathway's to the sun. (Flux Transfer Events).

3. The "normal" 11 year solar cycle, as a routine phenomena is not true for this, the current cycle.

4. Recently large CME discharges from the sun have been recorded - BUT with no causal sun spot activity, which is unprecedented.

5. It has been announced that the equatorial bulge of the earth is growing rapidly. Are melting polar ice fields sending enormous volumes of water into the bulge? Can a tipping point be reached where gravity overcomes centrifugal force sending the pent up equatorial bulge into a catastrophic release? Could this be the mechanism of the "Noah flood" phenomena.

6. Recent studies show our climate controlling high altitude jet streams are migrating toward the poles.

7. The sun in its quietest state in 100 years.

8. It is reported that the sun "conveyor" belt system speeding up over five years of monitoring.

9. Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field Discovered.

10. Noctilucent Clouds -Sightings of Night-Shining Clouds Increasing.

11. Earthquake events are now associated with Coronal Mass Ejections

12. Redefining Electrical Current Law With the Transistor Laser

Extreme Societal Change - Age of Uncertainty!

Is it due to Non disclosure, disinformation and all those engaged in it.

Is this the entry point for the age of chronic uncertainty? Is Chronic Uncertainty the trigger and perhaps hope for universal societal change.

What is going on? And Why?

Stay tuned...