The Cult of Catastrophe-Just Trust & Suck It Up!

"Fracking just the latest villain of the cult of catastrophe."

Catchy disparaging phrases catch my eye, I am not about to address fracking, I am writing about the unrelenting, insidious attacks upon the character and intelligence of those who would advocate against willful, ill-advised industrial complex inspired, greed driven corporate activity, condoned by sycophant governance with no thought to our future, well being or prospects.

Corporate shill headlines are usually intended to heap derision upon anyone who experiences the nagging sensation of impending catastrophe, or who would dare to challenge the wisdom of a dodgy decision.

As a group they are painted loon-like.

This attention grabber uses the derogative term "cult" to undermine the character of participants who feel the need to protest what is an obvious candidate for present and future disaster.

This is not a theoretical proposition, the abysmal consequence of  hydraulic fracturing, a process that involves using high-pressure blasts of water and sand — plus a smattering of chemicals — to extract hitherto inaccessible oil and natural gas from shale rock thousands of feet below the earth’s surface has demonstrated catastrophic result.

Notice how the chemical component is trivialized, "a smattering"... meet the smattered... How Fracking Is Drying Up One Unlucky Texas Town 

Fracking just the latest villain of the cult of catastrophe

According to the author, you could call it the modern educated person’s substitute for religion.

He refers of course to the legion of unwitting lab rat constituents who are routinely subjected to heinous and often catastrophic consequence of insanity wrapped in the bright alluring wrappers of "progress." Or more rightly corporate and governmental profit grubbing at all and any costs.

According to the author, advocates for  sensibility are cult-like in their zeal.

I would ask you to view that perspective as a compliment, I am afraid it is what it will take to stem the tide of unconscionable application of "advanced" technologies running amok amongst us.

From my perspective we are speaking of well informed folk who are dubious of untried, untested technology and are rightfully adamant to suppress or prevent ill-advised assaults upon the living environment.

In a companion thesis I noted a hard driving force propelling the astute philosophy that technology is the only hope for fixing our planet. As I read on... the reason the planet needs fixing is because of the unbridled and unregulated use of... wait for it... technology.

Within this bit of brilliance it seems humanity is the blight upon their planet and need to be culled, modified, transmuted into techno-critters and otherwise dehumanized... that way the planet will blossom into a veritable paradise, much like it was before it was ruined by science gone mad.

If you subscribe to the "more technology" solution you will notice the "problem" is never defined... the problem is referred to as one of alarming degradation of earth's environment, "how" is never mentioned, that part is conveniently absent and obscure references to the habits of humans is slipped into place, like a conjurors misdirection or sleight of hand.

The reason for alarming environmental degradation can be anything EXCEPT the centuries worth of slash and burn economics demanded by the fast buck, greed mongering elitist power mongers.

One should keep that omission in mind when consuming their putrid rhetoric.
Technology as our planet's last best hope
The concept of ecological modernism, which sees technology as key to solving big environmental problems, is getting a lot of buzz these days. The modernists wear their environmentalism with pride, but are pro-nuclear, pro-genetically modified crops, pro-megadams, pro-urbanisation and pro-geoengineering of the planet to stave off climate change.
Stave off climate shift! Like throwing a wiffle ball in front of a moving train! Climates shift, that's what they do, always have and always will. Adapt and get over it.

I have a feeling these pencil necked theorists have never walked in a woods, changed a light bulb and probably have mumsie tie their shoelaces, they take doltish to a whole new level. Yes, playing in the science sandbox is great fun, no hippocratic oath, no long term accountability and unlimited funding from the taxpayer, who would not defend that boondoggle?

If there was ever a blight - these proponents of "set nature free from the impact of humans" are it.

The last time I looked humans are a specie WITHIN nature, they are not a specie outside of the natural world even though for generations they have been conditioned otherwise to better serve the needs of self anointed "masters" in need of subservience to accomplish goals. Maintaining and sustaining that illusion is the entire goal of modernists and their paymasters.

They say they are about curing poverty, I would ask how said poverty came about? They say they are about rectifying our environment, I would ask how said ruination came about?

I would not expect truth for an answer.

For those who will say I am anti-progress, I am far from that.

What I am anti to... is ill-advised, reckless implementation of science in the name of bottom line benefit and where risks of intended and unintended consequence is downloaded to the unwitting inhabitants of the planet.

Even worse, insinuating they are the causal effect of planet ruination and as a consequence must be dealt with, while footing the bill.

Will the insanity never end?

Fracking runs "high risk" of polluting countryside, Government report warns.

Yet the permits are sure to be processed, issued and executed! Crony business as usual.

Win, win - but YOU lose!

Stay tuned...

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  1. you are so correct and astute in your observations. and, no, i'm afraid that the insanity is not going to end just yet.
    i am repelled by the anti-human "philosophy" that certain people should off themselves for the good of the rest. who exactly determines which certain people should do so is always in doubt and fluid, depending on the whim of whoever is making that decision, granted, it will not be you or i.
    nevertheless, i notice a lack of awareness on the part of the idiots who are expected to line up like good sheep ...and jump, right this way, if you please. but, and here is the strange part of the whole ghastly scenario...
    nobody ever wonders or even asks the obvious...if "offing yourself" is such a good thing, for the good of mother earth, as they say...then do tell, why aren't YOU in line with the rest of us? why are YOU guiding the people over the cliff...but you haven't taken the plunge yet, yourself? experience is the best teacher, they say, so if decreasing the population of earth is so great, why don't you, well go off yourself. do the good thing.
    i imagine if these purveyors of catastrophic insanity were to be confronted with their own demise, the, uh, "movement" would probably go away by itself. because, let me tell you, unless and until i see anyone of these deceivers practice what they preach, a number of them, and seeing as i'm the one who should give up my all for the good of whom?..., well i will decide how many is enough...until i see that, there's no point in even reasoning with such moral cowards.

    you go first, should be our only response to such moral vapidness.


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