Selective Democracy-Choose your Toppings!

Pizza Politics--Your pie is wrong! Too bad.

In days gone by I thought I understood democracy... at least the base principles of it. It seemed simple enough, Guided by wise constitutional laws, citizens elected their representation, the representation implemented and guarded the wishes of the people, and everyone lived happily after.

For the past few years I have increasingly had qualms about the integrity of today's pale version of democracy. Day by day as alarming events unfold... I have nagging doubts about the sanctity, purity and intent of the uses for "our" democratic shield and its spear.

It seems the new world order version of democracy is 180 degrees counter to the genuine "articles"... and THAT is what I am now subjected to.

Over time something sadly and badly has transformed wholesome pie to inedible swill ... an insidious creeping blight of perversion and corruption, the crust is mouldy, the toppings, withered, sparse or wrong!

Formally, one had the satisfaction of receiving the whole democratic pizza pie, fresh, hot and resplendent with all the toppings.

It seems these days our legislators have abandoned the toppings requested by the will of the people in favor of very selective topping they feel will be best for you, or more likely what are best for them.

There is a serious, well demonstrated disconnect between modern governance and its constituents.

Far too many unwelcome and undesired edicts are foisted, often secretly... upon the population... while welcomed and desired features for general improvements are willfully ignored, not considered or just plain buried from view. One wonders how long such state of affairs will be tolerated before correction comes about.

For nations with new world order styled democracy (now) entrenched, you have a severe problem, for nations who have been forced to accept new world order flavored democracy or else... you have an even worse problem. Nations considering adopting the new world order "cooked" democracy, you may want to wait... until the next batch is baked. I have a feeling the bakery will be changed, if not sooner... then later.

Hopefully the new bakery will take notice of customer requirements.

The current new world order pizza stinks, its toxic... and is confirmed as dangerous to your health, welfare and well being.

I am spouting off in isolation, but a very fast review shows me I am not alone in my sentiment.
I stopped at three... the point is made.

The other unsettling thing concerns newly minted "democratic" nations.

Mostly these regions were in various ways... smashed into accepting the new world order version of democracy as their political system.

Many had bobbled along quite happily using their own paradigms of governance, but because commerce, corporations and banks need a preferential environment to conclude their desire for global controls and wealth scavenging, were bulldozed into accepting the NWO mantle of subservience.

That is bad enough, but we are witnessing a secondary form of enforced compliance to NWO inspired "line-toeing"... if said "democracy" conversions are not to the liking of global power and wealth grubbing elitists, they are re-smashed again like a broken bone that did not set correctly the first time.

NWO style...

Egypt may well be the typical re-set.
It is now common currency to say that Morsi, who served just a year after he was legitimately elected in June 2012, failed some kind of democracy test... Selective democracy at work.
For detractors, I am not down on either capitalism or democratic principle, I am down on perverted, twisted, corrupt renditions of both. It is painfully apparent both have been co opted for purpose, the purpose is as obvious as the act of perversion, the only thing amiss is widespread recognition of the malady and an appropriate reaction to it.

As the pains wrought by corruption become undeniable, I am certain swift and certain remedy will be applied.

The outstanding question is "when?"

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Stay tuned...


  1. Good article and analogy. I feel sad. The more I search and seek information on all of this, the sicker I feel. The kind of feeling in the pit of your stomach, which does not go away. I read an article recently titled 22 Quotes That Lay Out The Elite’s Agenda, suffice it to say, I did not realize that running a government required so much
    trickery and deceit. From the sound of the quotes, this preparation, if you wiil, has been in the making for quite some time. I guess that is how they win us over, by cooking us slowly, and it is not until the pizza is done, and so are we. The Hunger Games, we are there. I hope that the non Luciferian race will rise up to bring this down. Assuming we are still believers, "God" help us.

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