Dislocated, Relocated - Socio Economic Repercussion!

Repercussions of global economic collapse are many... mass unauthorised migration of displaced citizens is one, it may be the least spoken of, yet the most potent in terms of societal effect.

What distinguishes today's economic depression is scope, depth and penetration... it being worldwide.

In past times depressions and hard times were often a faraway, distant event, happening elsewhere.

Somewhere, someplace... things weren't so bad and eventually regional "have's" tended to be a shock absorber for the struggling region and over time balance and equilibrium restored some sort of normalcy to the afflicted region.

Today's depression represents a true frontier... it is probably unprecedented and so pat solutions are theoretical, untried and untested. So far the writhing of NWO inspired elitist governance to address issues... has quickened the descent into the quicksands of collapsed global economic folly, hastening ultimate demise, not arresting it.

The world wide phenomena could be likened to every country being latched onto a single buoy, which when deflated dragged all regions, municipalities, corporations and individuals down to the bottom of a pit... the depth of which is still yet to be plumbed. Having all the eggs in one basket... so old wisdom says... is never wise. Old wisdom is old, because it rings true.

An earmark of depressed regions is evacuation, which is now occurring in never seen before droves. These folks are called economic refugees.

Desperate migration of Europe's unemployed, as the jobless masses head north to Britain and Germany in search of work

International Organization for Migration
Estimated number of international migrants worldwide

The total number of international migrants has increased over the last 10 years from an estimated 150 million in 2002 to 214 million persons today.

As folks find themselves without a livelihood reality commands action. Relocating to less desperate regions is a traditional way to forge self-survival and sufficiency. Mostly... regions accepting fleeing talent have benefited and often enriched their culture and productivity through accepting immigrants providing a win win situation. That was then and this is now!

But what happens when the target host nation is plagued with the same chronic unemployment malady as the nation being exited. That by and large is the picture today, and knowing human nature will probably not be a pretty picture when all is said and done.

From the frying pan into the fire...

Naturalized citizens of countries have often displayed empathy and encouragement for displaced persons and accommodate as best they can. The circumstances in times of surfeit often lend themselves well to additional population, but what happens when the host target country is fighting for its own survival and its back is also to the economic wall?

My guess is disgruntlement.

Particularly when citizens see no opportunity for their own population or worse, for their own children.

Encroachment by more disenfranchised strangers cannot possibly sit well... can it?

The question has yet to be raised seriously in the popular press who seem more inclined to publish pre-fashioned press release pap for their sponsors, most of which spins hope and restoration, meanwhile reality disagrees.

Yet... rapid influx of unneeded additions to the struggling regional family is a situation of brutal consequence and ignoring it and probable consequences is foolhardy. Surely in the coming months... as conditions worsen, disgruntlement will turn to angst, then retribution.

I cannot see otherwise, but then I usually face reality head on. The examples here are Greece, but the same challenges face all nations to some degree or another. Burgeoned by crushing debt, shrinking economy and rising unemployment, few if any regions will escape this coming tidal wave of displaced person incursion, and most are ill-prepared.

This may be a harbinger of things to come...

Greek Fears of Social Backlash and Destabilization

Greece, as in other parts of the Mediterranean Sea, seems to be making history over the past year and proceeding into the unknown through a circle of violence, change and transformation.

For those interested in self-awareness through discernment, it is probably a good time to consider the enormity and ramifications of culture clashes as indigenous populations react to ever worsening economic conditions, exacerbated by foreign influx and added strains to already tenuous social safety nets.

Once the rocks appear through well worn pavement, a rough ride is all but guaranteed.

Survival instinct is base and usually uncontainable. Many times cultural baggage presents another layer of complexity rather than the traveller, often racial discrimination is blamed for unrest, but usually it is economic stresses behind frustration.

Today's possible 'flight to' destinations are the ones which may crack first.

Global Migration Analysis of Refugees and Economic Migrants

Stay tuned...

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