Democracy is Dead - Pretend no more!

Our journey to Corporatocracy!

The word "democracy" is kicked around like a discarded rag doll these days. So faded and worn, the concept has gradually twisted into an almost unrecognizable parody without shape or form. Basically, the term has become a "catch-all" phrase indicating--not the other forms of governance, while avoiding what itself has become.

To understand what "democracy" has become we need to look at what "democracy" was supposed to be.

Democracy; government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

Arguably, in the pale anemic "democratic" style today, the wishes of the people are all but irrelevant, while the wishes of governmental sponsors and special interest groups reigns supreme. The one remaining artifact is the ability to vote which as a token gesture remains intact. Although the act of  voting has become an empty gesture, it does occasionally change the personnel but not the juggernaut, rogue and corporate motivated governance which rolls forwards unimpeded by constituent wishes.

Compounding the erosion of democratic principle is another added layer of un-democratizing complexity, organisations such as the United Nations have somehow perched upon the shoulders of sovereign nation prerogatives, they profess to be the voice of the people from above and without input profess to provide actual countries with rules and regulations, regardless of that countries population and their "will."

In this scenario the citizens vote is entirely impotent, redundant and otherwise a complete waste of effort to register or execute, this is reminiscent of historical implementation of marxism, fascism or other undemocratic ruling systems. It is not at all what we signed on for and quite simply is intolerable.

"Pretending" democracy does not realize democracy... let us call it what it is... delusional.

If it were not so serious the current attempt by the UN itself to loosely fit into a "democratic" wrapper would be humorous. As it is... no matter how they squirm, they are a square peg and the hole of democracy is round.
The Politics of Bringing Democracy to Brussels
Critics and Supporters of the European Union Agree It Needs to be More Democratic.
In its zeal to appear to have legitimacy, the self-anointed, self-professed UN is striving mightily to morph into a democratic-like shape.

How can something become "more democratic?"

It is either democratic or not democratic and by self-admission it is not.

The UN suffers from the same ailment as other previously democratic governance systems which now by and large have become chronically undemocratic--there are no people franchised into the process for the supreme power to be vested into, therefore they, the people are unable to exercise their will, therefore what we have is NOT democracy.

The very BIG decisions are made in Corporate boardrooms where the peoples input is neither wanted, welcomed or considered, These arbitrary decisions are routinely condoned then enacted by sycophant,
puerile governance, most often to the detriment of the hapless constituents. Many of these decisions are reckless, ill-advised, wanton and often manifest travesty and hurt.
It is high time we stop pretending, democracy as a governing system is dead! It seems to me we have two options, one re-label or two re institute.

Re institution seems impossible since that requires the people to have the supreme power, which they don't.

Relabeling is easy, we just match the current operating conditions to the label which best describes the system we now have, or even invent a new label altogether. It seems all along the higher order plan was for us to accept this eventual inevitability, so lets just capitulate and change the name-NOW!

At least that way we can all stop pretence and get on with living in something which matches reality, it is apparently unhealthy to live in chronic denial, and I just hate when I become self-delusional.

From the list available the choice seems obvious... Corporatocracy!

The good news is you don't need to vote, the bad news... well... many of you are experiencing that so no need for me to go on. Are you on board with a stealth implemented usurper of democracy--or not?

Regardless of how this occurred and regardless of label, it is beyond the point of debating the fact of the matter, it is here and it is NOW! It is time to rectify... or capitulate entirely, will you accept unrepresented subjugation--or not?

Stay tuned...

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