Austerity-A Fancy Word for Destitute.

The reason for this post is not for the folks who have been caught in the first wave of personal economic hard reality, but the next wave.

Regardless of the optimism espoused by grinning leaders and sycophant press, we are entering the final stage of global economic collapse.

It began in 2008 and was forestalled for five years with fudge putty, but the weight of global indebtedness cannot be propped any longer and the final crunch is imminent.

Austerity measures herald the final throes. Indications of coming austerity.  Austerity measures are the final last ditch effort, futile or not!

Back in the day many of us old-timers went through periods of "hard-times". In retrospect I realize there is no comparison to yesteryear hard times and today's version. Back then, expectations were never very high for the working class, there were no sophisticated systems or conveniences anyway.

In fact the difference between being "set" or not was about having treats or not. Simple things, perhaps a radio, gramophone player or an ice cream treat on a warm day, the difference between being in a tight spot or not was about rent and food. Somehow we seemed to scrape by even in the tough goes.

Today expectations are far more different, folks are accustomed to a whole suite of standard convenience... some now deemed absolutely necessary--emergency response, technology, housing and sanitary standards, medical care and a plethora of other expected services. I suppose my point is about contrast, the difference between being skint then and being dispossessed now.

When the differences are considered the gap is considerable at least for material and comfort losses.

Finding oneself a victim of today's brave New World Order inspired collapse-enomics, it is likely your losses are far greater than victims of other historical depressions... although the misery factor is probably less, since there are at least better conditions for the dispossessed these days. Yet that is of small comfort when a persons life is literally dissolved--often through no fault of their own.

For the elitist rich and self-anointed austerity means a tad less caviar, for the rest of us it means far less of everything. We don't have to wonder what austerity measures bring, all over the world populations are experiencing chronic losses of services, diminished savings, pensions and of course employment.

As usual it is average citizen who must bear the brunt. Call it sequester, furlough, tightening or what it is, austerity... and the first place to suffer is the vulnerable.

How the Sequester Hurts Poor People

What seemed bad yesterday will seem like a picnic tomorrow.

Although this example is Detroit in America, it could just as well be almost anywhere the heavy boot of NWO has stepped... or the their bankers hand has filched!
Financial Crisis Just a Symptom of Detroit’s Woes 
(Substitute your community it will become comparable)
DETROIT — A question unimaginable in most major American cities is utterly commonplace in this one: If you suddenly found yourself gravely ill, injured or even shot, would you call 911?
Many people here say the answer is no. Some laugh at the odds of an ambulance appearing promptly, if ever. In Detroit, people map out alternative plans instead, enlisting a relative or a friend.
“The city is past being a city now; it’s gone,” said Kendrick Benguche, whose family lives on a block with a single streetlight, just down from a vacant firehouse that sits beside a burned-out home. The Detroit police’s average response time to calls for the highest-priority crimes this year was 58 minutes.
There have been times in 2013, the authorities acknowledge, when only 10 to 14 of Detroit’s 36 ambulances have actually been in service.
It's the same the whole word over... or will be... soon enough!

Stay tuned...

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