Crush Cultural Marxism aka Political Correctness - Or Sacrifice ALL Freedom!

To be fully aware of the insidious encroachment of a philosophy called political correctness, or more rightly Cultural Marxism, it is beneficial to have lived in a time when the notion was regarded as ludicrous if not absurd.

The fundamental premise is quite simple, it represents a virtual gagging filter placed between the thoughts of an individual and the vocal expression of them.

Quite simply it is a social conditioning designed to seriously limit free expression and exchange of ideas. 

The consequence of applying such constraints is far reaching and the unintended invariable negative consequences are yet to be fully experienced.

In cultures where the heavy hand of marxist governance plays out, we easily see a cowed and beaten population creeping fearfully about their daily lot, which invariably is miserable.

Any sign of protest or whisper of discontent is swiftly dealt with--brutally. 

In short, Cultural Marxism is a sledge hammer tool used to enforce subjugation of a population, where individual rights are sacrificed to the benefit of the collective.

If we placed rats in such an environment to experiment with social stresses--we would see great hue and cry.

The Origins of Political Correctness

To fully appreciate the genesis of Cultural Marxism one needs to understand the original thrust of its development.
It is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. It is an effort that goes back not to the 1960s and the hippies and the peace movement, but back to World War I. If we compare the basic tenets of Political Correctness with classical Marxism the parallels are very obvious.
The manner of implementation of Cultural Marxism is nothing short of crass deceit.

In effect it uses the ostensible cloak of apple pie and motherhood, under the pretext of minority rights protection, it assumes and prescribes so-called "minorities" require protection since they cannot integrate successfully under their own volition, a notion that is quite insulting in its own right.

For the deception to work, cultural labels need to be defined and then entrenched in the psyche of a general population. These we would recognise as perpetual sainted “victims” groups.

Without the voluntary adoption of these sainted “victims” group labels--the justification for Cultural Marxism would evaporate and so much effort is expended to ensure the labeling system sticks.

Implied marginal benefit is proffered to those willing to wear a victim label. 

The huge problem with this deceit is it perpetuates and sustains a garish marginalization of groups of individuals and perpetually implies they are somehow lesser for their individuality and need assistance as a result.

This is not only deep deceit it is the height of insultive patronization.

If the tenets of Cultural Marxism were applied as touted, it would immediately self-destruct itself, since it is the most offensive concept ever conceived by evil minds.

Be that as it may, societies have or are being indoctrinated into this obvious, perverted logic, critical thinking abandoned--huge swaths of society are obediently and willingly sliding into an untenable place of imprisoned minds.

As real life examples demonstrate, subjugated populations represent the zenith of miserable and fettered existence. Are you ok with that for you and yours?

Remember whatever implied token, marginal benefit has been dangled as PC/SM acceptance bait, the price and cost of it will prove to be far more onerous than the trade deserves. 

It behooves ALL of us to fall into THE insidious trap of total mind, thought and expression suppression...  I know of no system worth THAT crushing penalty.

Yes you will be pressured, yes you will be ostracized for defending genuine freedoms--but at the end of the day will you rest content if you capitulate and comply to elitist inspired browbeating carrying with it the penalty of despicable and heinous ulterior motive.

Crucify Political Correctness on the Altar of Freedom of Speech
The West will either reject the logic of Political Correctness or suffer a catastrophic failure of vision, will, power and influence, destroying civil society as we know it. This may sound drastic, and of course it is. But why is it being claimed here? Because the ideas in the doctrines of Political Correctness and related notions like Multiculturalism are so destructive that—much like magma—these cannot long be held safely before spilling over and causing tremendous damage, chaos and destruction of our society.
The reason it must be eliminated is because Political Correctness is a Trojan horse for Marxism, which always destroys everything it touches. 
Be aware, they will not rest until you the citizen is so cowed and intimidated you become a virtual serf to their bidding. It is time to consider this particular travesty with the full weight of your purview... Social Marxism is something far easier to prevent than recover from... historically, almost impossible.

Remember, no matter the good intention claimed of any governance system it is immediately twisted, perverted and corrupted for benefit, but never yours.

Social Marxism readies you to accept without means to object.

The lightening is already out of the bottle... but good grounding on your part can nullify it.

Will you?

Resistance is not futile, assimilation is not certain.


  1. I agree fully with your intents, although there are a number of times when you use language that plays right into the Marxists' hands.

    For example you say, " where individual rights are sacrificed to the benefit of the collective." Bull! Marxism does not benefit the collective. Individual rights are sacrificed so an elite "vanguard" can take more power to itself.

    Also Marxism does not benefit minorities. It merely tears down all cultures by going after the majority culture first.

    Marxism is an evil philosophy for 3 reasons:
    1) It teaches that all problems are material and can be solved by better access to material goods. This means there is no recognition that spiritual emptiness, and materialism are often the cause of the problem. There is no effort to heal communities psychologically and make them independent of material goods. This may have seemed attractive at the height of the industrial era, but today anyone but a fool can see that having more material goods does not equate to a more just society.

    2)It teaches that all human history and sociology can be explained in terms of domination and oppression. Thus it rejects the beauty of art, culture, literature and civilization as tools that an "oppressive" elite use to dupe the "oppressed" by hypnotizing them. This causes marxists to have a knee-kerk reaction and dismiss past societies and cultures as "oppressive" - judgement instead of real intellectual effort to understand why past societies had different standards than our own. This is why marxists dumb down society as a whole, because when you judge and condemn without understanding, you think on the same level as a bigot. Thus marxists are always seeking to make things out to look worse than they are, because they want people who are ready to react and lash out more than people who think carefully about why things are the way they are.

    3) Marxists believe that progress comes by demonizing and rejecting the past and the values of past societies. This is why marxists are so careless in their treatment of history, because they do not believe history is anything other than another tool to "oppress". They think that all of history was written to justify the "oppression" of past societies. Thus they believe that humans are by nature "oppressive" and dominant and need to be restrained by a powerful state. This means marxism is just a modern form of calvinism, teaching that at heart, humans are bad and need to be made to feel guilty by learning how "oppressive" we all are by nature.

    Also marxism was not "misapplied" by the Bolsheviks. If marxists would actually bother to read marx they would notice that he admits "Of course, in the beginning, this cannot be effected except by means of despotic inroads on the rights of property" - Marxism at its core believes that an elite "vanguard" can use tyranny to force the people to accept what it believes are in their own "best" interests.

    Marxism also revolves around the central belief that ownership of the means of production is the key to power. This is a relic of the industrial age that is no longer true to today. The first world is shedding its factories and sending them to the third world; obviously production is not the real key to power. The people would be better served with having more control over the means of exchange. But that would piss off the banking elite, so marxists won't touch that one. They don't want to get the financiers angry, otherwise no one would loan them money for their self-styled "revolutions".

  2. Nice article - shame that you missed that what is actually happening to our countries is FASCISM!!!!!

  3. political correctness is not fascism, PC comes from the Marxist camp, invented by a bunch of Jewish intellectuals.
    We can go back to 1923 and a think tank in Germany known as the Frankfurt school or institute of Marxism

    I agree fascism and marxism are both in play.

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  5. I think you are right. Political correctness which now forces people to pretend to feel the compassion they once actually did feel. The results can be seen in the hostility shown towards groups once almost certain of compassion, for example, the disabled. People recognise that not every individual in a particular group is wonderful and resent being told to treat them as such.

    Furthermore, the 'victim' groups are arbitrarily selected and are protected while an open season of abuse is allowed on other groups, for example, the bald, the fat and the ginger. When I say arbitrarily selected, however, it might be truer to say that their case was espoused to make them a client group for a particular political party and to secure their votes.


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