Cap those volcanoes! Ignore the release of nuclear waste.

New World Order governance sweeps into office promising to turn back the oceans and heal the planet with their climate change policy, usually some scam involving selling, trading, bartering carbon units as though they were a commodity on the stock market.

The intent is not to suppress man made exhaust, but to tax it, to have it as a featured profit center. The topic is also used to justify various democide ploys under various eugenics agendas.

Watch Out for the Green Team

The "green" debate is nothing if not lively.

It is one of the debates I loathe to participate in, along with religion, politics and MAC -v- PC. These debates are always fruitless consuming both time and energy and never end well.

The main problem I see with the Climate Change debate, is it mixes two very different concerns and so compounds and confuses participants.

The debate thrust is about preserving life on the planet and greenhouse gas is elevated to be the elephant in the room. Of course the eye of well meaning folk go to where directed.

There is a FAR more lethal aspects you seldom hear discussed.
  • One element of debate is the effect of human activity regarding greenhouse emissions leading to global warming.
  • The second (largely ignored) IMMEDIATE threat to life... is the ill advised poisoning of the environment through releasing toxic and lethal substances into the food and water supply.
The first condition is said to affect the climate over time, the second condition absolutely harms everything in the food chain immediately.

Yet the climate change debate hogs the "green" debate stage front and center, why?

Unfortunately the debate is redirected to the almost benign effects of carbon release as being the whole threat to life on the planet--steered by the individuals who profit from the real issue - release of lethal, toxic, noxious substances into the food chain, in the name of profiteering. 

This real immediate killer is never cited in the climate change debate, it is a dirty little secret swept under the rug, meanwhile... nuclear waste, oil spills, GMO foods and sundry other deadly industrial wastes and effluents are routinely poured into the immediate environment with catastrophic result--without anyone in governance promising anything in the way of remedial action for your protection.

In fact... most of the reckless, wanton and destructive behaviour is condoned or at least sanctioned through permit approvals, turning of blind eyes and so forth.

The "greenies" may be barking up the wrong tree. "Greenies" should probably review their priorities.

Climate shift is inevitable whilst premeditated, unconcionable poising of the environment is not. 

About Climate Shift.

Climates are dynamic not static, climates shift, that's what they do, always have and always will.

It is why we call them "ages".
No! Cyclic climate events will not lock into a "sweet spot" for your convenience, No! Governance will not apply a super duper climate control knob to dial "good" climates in, no matter how much tax you pay. Yes! The alarming advertised human population growth is entirely contrived.

As life has done for millennia, adaptation to shifting climates is the key, not capping volcanoes.
Volcanoes emit more CO2 than humans.
"Human additions of CO2 to the atmosphere must be taken into perspective.
Over the past 250 years, humans have added just one part of CO2 in 10,000 to the atmosphere.
One volcanic cough can do this in a day." (Ian Plimer)
This is what’s called negative feedback with at least some of the increasing levels of carbon dioxide being absorbed by extra plant growth. It could also be good news for biodiversity, and good news for food security: plants are the primary producers that feed all animals.
I am not trying to support the climate shift sceptics, as stated already... climate shift is immutable and cannot be denied, what can be denied is the primary causal motivation for them which is 98% natural sources.

It is probable the universal laws of equillibrium and ballance will provide natural checks and balance to atmospheric composition, science indicates that is happening.

In conclusion, until I see really sincere resistance to routine industrial poisoning, agricultural genetic meddling, proper management of nuclear wastes, curtailment of wind turbines, Fracking and other obvious immediate threats to life on the planet I will remain a sceptic of any government claim they are engaged in preservation of anything, except perhaps their own politico survival and sponsors pocket books.

The Cult of Catastrophe-Just Trust & Suck It Up!

If you are a rabid supporter in the climate change endless loop debate, I am suspicious as to your motivation, your intent may be well founded but be careful of being used, the NWO technique is called redirection.

Are you in fact inadvertently supporting... Volunteered Self Extermination - Our new "Normal."

And the Earth Cried... at least cast a glance over here... each of these and all the others was preventable..

... as are the many more to come. 

But only if we allow them to allow that!

Top 10 Environmental Disasters
  • Chernobyl
  • Bhopal
  • Kuwaiti Oil Fires
  • Love Canal
  • The Exxon Valdez
  • Tokaimura Nuclear Plant
  • The Aral Sea
  • Seveso Dioxin Cloud
  • Minamata Disease
  • Three Mile Island
Over 500 atmospheric nuclear weapons tests were conducted at various sites around the world from 1945 to 1980, what do you suppose that may have done?

I will take burps of CO2 anyday of the week over these, how about you?

Stay tuned...

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