Addicted Bankers Ransom the World!

Addicted Bankers hold world to ransom.

This would be a headline if mainstream media was free to report truth.

For those of us who have lived in areas where bears are commonplace, it is well known not to feed them, the reason is fairly obvious. The bears become accustomed if not addicted to free food and become a nuisance or even worse, dangerous.

In many regions it is illegal to feed the bear population, for very good reasons. 

Bankers and bears may have a lot in common, both become addicted to free stuff and become dangerous when the gravy train stops. Bears commence looting residences and Bankers... well... are inclined to loot anything if not continually spoon fed at the public troughs.

Over the past several years the financial sector hit the scroungers jackpot when the Federal Reserve embarked upon an unprecedented "free soup kitchen" approach designed to fill the growling belly of the financial beast with all the fiat currency it could gluttonize, at the expense and pain of the citizen at large.

The reason for the strategy was because the glutinous financial sector through predatory practices had literally self-devoured itself and everything around it.

Infinite wisdom then believed that unless the insatiable financial sector beast was sated... terrible things would happen to the world.

The first free feeding habit was called TARP or Troubled Asset Relief Program. This was necessitated by a nifty looting of wealth by the bankers through a process known as Subprime Mortgage Fraud.

TARP proved ineffective in replenishing the looted larders and so a succession of more nutritious financial meals was especially concocted... these were called QE's or Quantitative Easings.

So extreme was the larcenous looting of wealth by the financial sectors a whole other magnitude of restoration of the economy was called for and so the banker larders are now restocked routinely, seemingly without an end.

Predictably, we are now led to believe... we are unable to cease the practice of feeding the financial sector, else bad things will happen to the world!

In effect we are being held to ransom!

The world, if it believes this threat... is doomed to perpetual feeding of the ravenous banker beast. In other strata this would be called "protection money."

The situation is a quintessential case of laying gifts at the altar to ensure the sun rises tomorrow. 

We, the well developed civilized society view historical cases of such bizarre custom to be laughable and posit such pagan beliefs were both naive and reflect an unsophistication of intellect of those who believed in such  low level. immature notions.

We all know the sun will rise tomorrow, regardless.

Yet, here we are in 2013 believing the high priests of commerce and finance who insist the world will end unless we placate the inhabitants of the shadowy bank vaults.

In years to come will we be seen as laughable?

The high priests threat--If we taper off QE the stock markets will collapse and terrible things will happen to the world.

The Fed cannot exit. It will claim that it can, but market reactions to any real exit will be disastrous. We've passed the point of no return... The "trial balloon" of cause and effect came in the form of a hint for tapering off the free food.
Markets Crash as Bernanke Signals the Death of QE
Markets sold off hard Wednesday after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered news about upcoming tapering of QE.
Lets face it... feeding the bears or the bankers is a very foolish thing, eventually extreme measures are needed to rectify the problems.

The question becomes what is more terrible, the state of our ransomed world... or the state of our world once the carnivorous beast is removed?

If the world was tolerable with the feeding of the bankers then a case could be made it is the lessor of two evils, however... most of the world is not tolerable and it is difficult to imagine it being worse, short of a handful of elitist money junkies suffering withdrawal... what matter a proper stock market "correction happens?"

We should also remember the lessor of evils is still evil!

For most of us the prospect of righting our socioeconomic burdens and cleaving out corruption seems attractive against maintaining a status quo that is taking us all down anyway.

Global and regional economic recovery is mathematically impossible... no matter how much we fatten the bankers. The decision to resolve the problem seems elementary to me, but then again I have lived in bear country.

As the saga unfolds it will be interesting to see if mythological practises of the ancient world are alive and well... will we continue to offer treasures on the altar in exchange for implied security? The latest word from the crypt...
At Midyear, Market Is More Jittery, Less Optimistic
It's been a first half marked by fixation on the Fed.
And that's likely to continue as the market hangs on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's every word.
Implied promise of security impossible to deliver!

Stay tuned...

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