Volunteered Self Extermination - Our new "Normal."

Coerced volunteered extermination... to boot.

Do you like where you live? Do you enjoy the prospect of grandchildren? Do you enjoy growing a few vegetables? Are you pleased when your child grasps the concept of 2 + 2 = 4?

Soon, these and many other "normal" aspirations will be deemed abnormal, and will become quaint notions of the past.

Why would this be? Because a committee of unqualified elitist power mongers said so.

A world without you and yours in it... is their preference... and so changes are in effect. Soon the desires of the individual will be sacrificed for the benefit of the collective--unfortunately the collective is an exclusive group and does not include us.


When a committee gets together to design a perfect horse the result will more resemble a camel, Design by committee is a disparaging term for a design process in which a team of persons, often representing organizations with an interest in the outcome, produce a design in collaboration with written proposals and meetings as the primary tools, or the outcome of such a process.

One maxim is that a camel is a horse designed by committee.

In 1992 an elitist committee was formed to review the pathway to their new elitist exclusive world.

In essence the plan calls for far less of us and a paradise setting for them. 

Unfortunately millions are volunteering (be it unwittingly) to become extinct as a family line, if not directly then in spirit. Many have taken the face value of provided deceit and condone or even fight for "collectivism"  eugenics and curtailment of personal aspiration--backed by entirely fabricated rational. 

(Prime eugenics agenda illustration, NWO creation of a Problem, their powermonger Reaction and inevitable self-serving Solution)

The justification or business case for OUR culling is a diabolical contraption they instituted... They called it the World Population Clock.

Of course the output from the clock is absolute fiction, but due to scientific collaboration the garbage it spews out has been sold as gospel and many folks actually believe the veracity of the number and the projected numbers of future human growth-which for the purpose of project plan requirement (The problem) are stunning in magnitude. Scary in fact...  if you are a dumbed down citizen who drinks this in.

Have you ever seen a "reporter" question the astronomical numbers generated by this world population clock computer? Or ask about the parameters it feeds on? Do you know the world is experiencing serious population and fertility rate drops, do you know many nations are offering incentives to counteract serious population drops?

Regardless... the magic world population clock spins ever upwards oblivious to any reality, while the gullible run about wildly parroting the milestone numbers as though they were the very foundation of truth.  

So, armed with the Magic World Population Clock head counts, the committee began the process of alarming us. (These links assist with factual assessment of WPC)

This great lie was soon swallowed hook line and sinker to the point where otherwise sensible and intelligent folk actually believe the numbers and of course begin to accept the inevitability of the committee solutions, which when viewed against the population growth lies, may even seem reasonable.

Many are now brainwashed into thinking the eugenics and depopulation (of themselves) is a grand idea and entirely logical! This represents the grandest form of volunteered extinction.

Or as I call it the Darwin effect.

So with "good reason" established and agreed by all... the "elite global committee" proceeded with fury.

Other fictitious alarming conditions were concocted to stiffen the appearance of the agenda, most well known are probably carbon counts, carbon footprints, global warming and a whole pile of other pseudo science incredibilities. Still, for the uneducated the deceit is unquestioned and a penchant of self-disposal is the new norm.

As an example of the absurdity of this self-anointed elitist committee logic--they determined that educated people are likely to have better paying jobs and as a result yield a bigger carbon footprint therefore (of course) the problem is... access to higher education and too much access to knowledge.

You may have noticed the serious decline of education opportunity and quality in your region--or you may have noticed your children are coming home with bizarre perspectives, or have been deemed to be too active and require medication...  or they are being instructed to accept blame without questioning. You may have noticed even more than this... but at least you now know why. State induced stupor.

So vast are the diabolical "solutions" to their contrived "problem" it is impossible to do justice in a single post.

I am not even trying to wake anyone up--some are "appropriate" to remain asleep, the universal law of equilibrium and balance can also be expressed as nature running its course... who am I to interfere with that.

For the rest of us... it can be comforting to realize and understand the forces around us, it can be empowering to seize back control and exercise personal mitigation of evil and natural hazard.

If you would like to explore the many other diabolical "solution" strategies of Agenda 21, the smell test includes anything which reference the magic world population clock numbers as a justification.

Most often these insanities are wrapped in the deceptive wrappers of  Sustainability and the Environment.

I know, they sound like Apple Pie and Motherhood... hence the deception.

If you are moved to resist UN Agenda 21, you will be in good company...

But remember... their stoolie articles go ahead and explains that everyone who does not believe the experts in any field without question... are basically mentally ill."

Are you a Denialist or Subserviant

When left unchallenged authority is apt to say, "We never saw that coming!"... as their ill-advised, wanton and reckless brainchilds backfire in OUR face. Strangely folks like us invariably saw it coming.

Stay tuned....


  1. I share your concern.



  2. "Design by committee is a disparaging term..."--the Edsel comes to mind


  4. It’s naive in the extreme to dismiss peoples fears over Agenda 21 though.

    Why do I think this? Well, the British aren’t quite as excitable as you Americans, so often we can be naturally skeptical. My problem with Agenda 21 is what I’m seeing on the world stage in politics and business.

    Britain has almost lost the right to govern it’s self. Under the guise of a so called common market we have ended up with an unelected, unaccountable and immune to prosecution tyrannical super state that is in the process of dismantling sovereign states therein.

    The Cypriot government has just raided the bank accounts of everyone in it’s jurisdiction, foreign national or not under the direction of the EU in order to subsidise the bailout that it is receiving from the EU. No notification, you just wake up in the morning and hey presto they have taken some of your hard earned cash.

    The EU formulate 75% of our laws. What ever political party we vote for makes no difference as our government is impotent.

    Every time I hear the misnomer “sustainability” I wince. It’s is widely attributed to misguided left wing greens that encourage the pouring of endless taxes into so called green projects which are far from sustainable or desirable. Often blinding the well meaning but gullible into their web of deceit with a guilt trip over the consumerist legacy we are leaving for our children.

    For the record, nothing is sustainable, me, you this website or indeed the Earth.

    I don’t see Agenda 21 as some benign road map to the future but a very cleverly unassuming document with insidious overtones. This is way the EU started out and the phenomena that is control through AGW scaremongering. I can assure you this has happened in the UK as the environmental agency had to apologise and withdraw an alarmist TV advert that was literally scaring children with tales of dying animals and dried up rivers here in Britain.

    1. i agree we should protect everyone from the sight of dying animals and dried up rivers and carry on regardless!
      ignorance is bliss isn't it?

  5. Simply reading the UN Agenda 21 document is like reading the former Soviet Union’s Constitution. It sounds pretty good until you see its implementation. The overwhelming legislative infusion of Agenda 21 principles into Federal and State laws and regulations raises this “non-binding” document to the force of law. It is an outgrowth of communist re-distribution of wealth dogma.
    As one who has extensively researched United Nations Agenda 21, the WHY of it, and compiled almost 100 pages of history, cited materials with live links and amassed significant quotes from world leaders, my studies have compelled me to conclude this Agenda 21 is a much more ominous worldwide plan than merely destroying private land ownership and rewilding the globe.

    UN commissioned scientists known as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and NASA have declared a global emergency…terminal Climate Change caused by humans. That decision has already been made and the elites are working on implementing the solution. The climate change pitch is via United Nations Agenda 21, whether scientifically sound or not. The real problem has been officially declared as over-population. The vehicle to solve it is Agenda 21.

    The bottom line is this:
    It’s “sustainability” basic theme relies on the CO2 Climate Change argument. It has everything to do with the “accepted” scientific conclusion that overpopulation will kill the Earth by 2050. Even if CO2 emissions fall to zero the plague upon the Earth will remain: us…. you and me.

    The UN commissioned Global Biodiversity Assessment Report, page 773, calls for a population reduction to 1 billion people. (An exception is provided: if the world is de-industrialized (meaning pre-1765), a peasant population of 4- 5 billion is to be allowed).

  6. Hide Agenda 21’s UN roots from the people

    “Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy- fixated groups and individuals in our society… This segment of our society who fear ‘one-world government’ and a UN invasion of the United States through which our individual freedom would be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined ‘the conspiracy’ by undertaking LA21. So we call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth.” J. Gary Lawrence, advisor to President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development.

  7. I appreciate being able to see democracy in action, referring to SB 1403. After watching this for 1 1/2 hr my take away is that SB 1403 was initiated to protect Arizona from the tentacles of Agenda 21, which I am in agreement with. Having said that, why couldn't they come up with something that just states we do not accept or allow Agenda 21 to have any bearing on Arizona, instead of having to write another bill which either impacts or changes the laws that are already in place. Seems asinine to me, a waste of time and money. I'm in California and now wonder what they are or have already cooked up for us. My hats off to you Arizona. Tell the UN where to go, followed by a long echo.....Thanks
    your average joe(lle)

  8. Merci de partager! C'est très interessant! Mon frére veut être un exterminateur au laurentides. Je crois qu'il serait très bon.


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