'Earth will have 15 minutes to protect electronics' - EMP's

EMP is a high probability False Flag opportunity... either by (claimed) sun activity or rogue nation "attack." With increasing buzz about EMP... it is probably time to wonder about the much touted phenomena!

(Should power/communications fail for an extended period - cause may be difficult to establish)

Was power selectively "turned off" to create a population control mechanism with blame going to the sun or a rogue nation...  or....

The point is, should all communications, electronic devices and power supply experience extended failure, even in contained regional areas, it would be difficult to determine what, why or how the event precipitated... or what the likelihood of restoration or assistance may be. Folks would literally be in the dark.

For me this represents the worst case scenario for modern society, be it a natural occurrence or not. It is certainly worthy of contemplation especially since the advent of relatively low tech EMP inducing weaponry and noted solar activity abnormalities.

For many years I have advocated more attention be paid to a phenomena known as EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse emanating from the sun, not a hypothetical eventuality but one all but guaranteed to occur.

The impact of a sufficiently large discharge is known to have devastating effects on modern electronics and communications. In past times EMP events were nothing more than curiosity since those folks had no reliance on electrical devices. Today however, such an event would be catastrophic.

Curiously, this week I noticed many news articles addressing the issue... one could wonder why.

The frustrating aspect is these articles talk about the threat of EMP as though it is a startling revelation  it is not, the specter of an EMP catastrophe has been known for many years and governments have steadfastly ignored the threat.

Solar Storm Inevitable, Say Researchers
The scientists have predicted that high solar storm is unavoidable in near future. They have also added to the statement that a prediction of superstorm like this may be very late, approximately 30 minutes before it would actually happen.
Governments should prepare for solar superstorm
Such superstorms occur very rarely - perhaps once every century or two. The last one, known as the 'Carrington event', was in 1859, and led to telegraph stations catching fire.
UK needs to take action to prepare for extreme solar weather events
The UK should plan now to mitigate the effects of a rare but potentially serious solar superstorm, according to a report published by the Royal Academy of Engineering.
Although the UK is better prepared than many countries, there are areas where action is required to improve resilience.
The Academy's report, ‘Extreme space weather: impacts on engineered systems and infrastructure’, was drawn up with the help of experts from many different disciplines. It is claimed to be the UK's first in-depth assessment of the potential impacts of solar superstorms.
 Solar superstorm overdue
Scientists are saying the earth is overdue for a solar superstorm that could knock out electronics, power grids and communication satellites.
 Solar 'superstorm' expected to hit Earth soon
A solar 'mega storm', expected to hit Earth in the near future, could knock out the planet's communication satellites, cause power cuts and disrupt crucial navigation aids and aircraft avionics, experts have warned.
The extreme space storm is caused by the Sun ejecting billions of tons of highly energetic matter traveling at 1609344 kilometers per hour.
However, engineers say it is impossible to predict more than about 30 minutes before it actually happens, 'The Independent' reported.
 'Earth will have 15 minutes to protect electronics'
WASHINGTON – Scientists around the globe are joining those in the United States in becoming alarmed at the possibility of a plasma cloud from a solar superstorm that could wipe out vast electronics networks, because they say Earth would have only a notice of about 15 minutes.
This recent flurry of "concern" should be taken seriously, loss of electricity and communications over an extended period would throw the developed nations back into the 18th century--many would not survive such a time-travel experience.

Stay tuned...


  1. You might need a Faraday cage.
    Here is the instructable for a Faraday cage that is easy to make (modify) and will look good in the house. No longer will people need to have a galvanized trash can in their den to have the convenience a faraday cage in the house. It also doubles as a file cabinet

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  3. An EMP would lead to martial law and long term interment in FEMA camps as slaves to pay off the national debt owed to China and loaned out as slaves for Israel.

  4. How the fuck do you get EMP from solar activity as a "false flag"? Seriously, do you know something no one else does, like who controls the sun? get real.

  5. @ Lux.

    regardless of "prepper" faraday cage designs, 95% including your link will FAIL... the one part of an EMP ( working WITH electromagnets ) is the "magnetic" part.

    If your not BOTH electronically AND magnetically shielded, your still screwed.

    Unless you have military grade shield bags, and an insulated "cage" your not going to have your ipad or mp3 player in the wake of a hit.

  6. Dave,

    - made this edit

    EMP is a high probability False Flag opportunity... either by (claimed) sun activity or rogue nation "attack." With increasing buzz about EMP... it is probably time to wonder.

    (Should power/communications fail for an extended period - cause may be difficult to establish)

  7. There are a hundred and two nuclear power plants in the USA. Without any electrical power and their diesel emergency backup system compromised there could be much bigger problems than water systems shutdown, food production and delivery, etc..

  8. Would all the nuclear powere plants go into meltdown afterwards? That would do more than knock a nation back into the stone age. 1000+ Fukushimas would exterminate most life on this planet. Glad I'm 40 miles downwind from Palisades nuclear plant which has already been shut down 9 times in 2 years for radiation leaks.

  9. EMP and catastrophic solar events are very different, hence having different names.

    There has never been an EMP event from the sun, just as there has never been a catastrophic solar event from ionospheric detonation of a nuclear weapon.

    These two different types of events affect different things on Earth. Protecting against them requires different, but sometimes similar strategies.

    Conflating the two to the un-informed is dangerous, like advocating the same strategy to protect from, say, deadly snakes, burglars, and grizzly bear attacks.

    EMP hurts transistors and other semiconductors, but doesn't affect long wires very much. Solar events, on the other hand, don't affect semiconductors, but do affect long conductors, mainly when attached to transformers.

    The reason solar events affect GPS is that GPS relies on radio signals propagating to the earth at a specific speed. Changing the ionosphere will affect the speed of the signal, and also its strength. In extreme cases, solar particle bombardment could shut down the satellites temporarily. By design, they are resistant to this, so they would return in all but the most severe of solar storms.

    If a solar storm were strong enough to permanently ruin satellites, that would be the least of our worries here on Earth. Other, more critical infrastructure would be affected.

    No satellite has ever yet been ruined by a solar event, nor has any infrastructure on Earth ever been permanently affected.

  10. As for "prepping" for either event, get some Amateur Radio Equipment. No pressing need to get a license, but if couldn't hurt, so you don't become a post-apocalyptic nuisance-of-the-airwaves.

    Lead-acid batteries, thankfully, are not subject to damage from either of these events.

    Solar cells _might_ be damaged by nuclear EMP if not placed in a Faraday cage, so make sure there are some solar cells in your cage as well. If Solar activity was strong enough to damage terrestrial solar cells, it would also kill terrestrial people outright, so no need to protect them from that.

    So, get a filing cabinet, and keep your high-powered radio gear, and other electronics in it.

    Another option is to obtain vintage valve two-way radios. These will not be affected by either nuclear or solar events, but can be used to communicate over huge distances with some skill, using no infrastructure whatsoever!

    Another very nice thing to have handy for EMP OR solar catastrophes is a collection of accurized wind-up watches. 17 Jewel mechanical watches rival Quartz for accuracy, and an almanac will help you to set them properly by the sun. Once they are set accurately, they can be used for very accurate navigation without GPS. They can also be used to co-ordinate long-distance radio comms.

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