Meltdown Result! - Socio-Economic Protests and Unrest

Many watch and wait as the slow motion demolition collapse of the global economy draws gradually to its certain conclusion.

Although the event is protracted--taking 48 months thus far, the stunning spectacle has unfolded as though a prescript was activated much like the planned demolition of a tired and graceless building--one too old and worn to be worth renovating.

Unlike the planned demolition of a brick and mortar building, the demolition of the global economy came as a huge "surprise" to folks "expert" in the field of economics. It seems only common folks with a passing knowledge of gravity and the immutable laws of unsustainable activity were not surprised.

In any event the "charges" were placed (derivatives and other forms of larceny) and the firing current sent (un-payable I.O.U's) ... the rest... like they say is now history. This demolition seems to have suffered an unfathomable lack of governance, regulation, oversight and any form of post-corrective actions--of any substance.

Strange how that happens.

The world now ponders the prospect of Trillions of dollars of debt and deficit with little or no assets or income to service the obligations. The only  possible outcome is mass universal loan defaults--be they agreed upon or not. The sensible solution would be universal (controlled) debt forgiveness--a grand jubilee which would wipe all slates clean and a new and improved economic system could be implemented to everyones benefit.

Universal planned debt forgiveness will not happen of course since elitist global leadership is simply not equipped to pursue intelligent approaches. 

The alternative is a spontaneous spate of economic collapses having no tidy way to conclude--a chaotic and hurtful "raw natural" solution.

Often the result of such fiscal debacle is expressed in accounting terms and financial ledger margin notations, however the real significance lies in the impact on common folks lives.

As corporations, national, regional and local governments and individuals retract and renege on their fiscal obligations the ponds of income quickly dry up and earning streams wither to dry and dusty creek beds unable to support jobs or so called entitlement obligations.

In real terms the stage is set for the final stage of "bust",  in a nutshell societal collapse complete with understandable anger and eventual civil disobedience.

Examples of coming societal angst abound.

e.g. New report warns of 'growing social unrest' caused by economic crisis

Historically, so-called depressions or recessions were contained to relatively small regions of the planet and the mechanisms of indebtedness were not yet instituted so widely or deeply and so solutions could be found in assistance from other regions who were still fiscally healthy, eventually the bumps ironed out and the gravy train continued as before.

The situation today is unprecedented and has no historical comparison!

This financial system collapse is universal and the extent encompasses all facets of the global community--there are no pools of good "economy" to lend a hand. The entire economy of the planet is in the same dire straights. This suggests any "conventional" solution, i.e. as used in the past... will prove invalid and so a unique solution is demanded.

The vain and egotistical elite politicos and/or banksters are either unable or unwilling to probe unique solutions and so we will all be subjected to a miserable, untenable and inequitable financial demise.  

For most of us the need to bring home the bacon is a need not a preference or want. 

For the fortunate 1% who command 80% of the worlds remaining wealth--rest easy, for now at least.

For the 99% who diligently seek to eke out a living from the crumbs which fall off the elitist tables it is a time to consider the prospect of survival in a chaotic community filled with smoke and angst. It is a time to consider alternate mom and pop economic alternatives based on self-sufficiency--minimize expenditures, barter, trade, swap, re-purpose, refurbish, think true conservatism of your resource, "use" local goods and services where possible.

Do NOT rely upon your governance to provide sound guidance, assistance or relief, they are not able or capable of doing that. Curiously, they are capable of suppressing self-help and will as they see fit.

It is probable any form of  economic "normality" will not return for decades.

The fiscal liability can has been kicked so far down the road into the futures of the non-voting unborn that crushing debt burdens will remain on our shoulders for years to come.

With no long term accountability built into "democratic" governance--extremely poor decisions have led us here through elitist self-serving interests. It is obvious our PUBLIC SERVANTS have NO regard for their constituent employer and only self-serve their own interests. Let "result" tell you THAT tale.

Again, this submission is intended to paint a picture of probable near future reality in the hope it assists someone somewhere to anticipate a need to survive a very trying episode which has all the signs of spiraling out of control. Self-preservation is an age old responsibility but requires self-motivation and self-realization and awareness of your immediate surroundings.

Stay tuned...

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