Fukushima Disaster - Of Stable Doors & Lost Horses

The old adage refers to the futility of closing the stable doors AFTER the horses have escaped.

Last of Japan's 50 reactors goes off-line--announced today.

Before I properly begin I would like to express the sentiment that the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster which was precipitated by inadequate protection from easily predicted Earth Quakes and subsequent Tsunami waves will eventually be known as the zenith of man-caused disaster--in that untold very long term damage on a global scale will eventually be acknowledged and cited to be the worst carnage inflicted by the madness of mankind.. So vast is the ongoing emission of deadly radiation it may be decades before the full extent of the travesty is known.

Japan this weekend became a nuclear-free nation for the first time in more than four decades, at least temporarily.
This unusual circumstance was prompted by Japans' citizens who have lost complete faith and trust in their government and corporate masters. While closing all of the plants is a small step in the right direction, (if a tenable, sustainable  future is desired,) it does not address the ongoing concern presented by the volatile and ongoing disaster unfolding within the bowls of the seriously crippled nuclear facility which is yet still in various stages of collapse and meltdown.

The order of magnitude of this latest insanity is far and away beyond compare with any other nuclear "accident", and experts agrees there is no known solution to what is unfolding... in particular with plant #4 which some accounts say is in imminent danger of final catastrophic failure.

In the meantime, since the disaster began, an invisible stream of deadly radiation has been circumnavigating the globe while untold streams of highly radioactive liquid is pouring into the ocean.

The entire globe is now peppered with these "doomsday" time-bombs while at the same time it is readily acknowledged that the majority of them are situated in disaster prone locations and are poorly equipped to withstand the rigors known to threaten these abysmal examples of man's folly. Nuclear energy is a tempting solution for indifferent profit driven corporations and governments but represent generations of misery for citizens if not total obliteration of life as we know it. This is no small dilemma to contemplate.

Any basic form of gain -v- risk analysis would shut them all down arbitrarily.

There are no "small" or irrelevant nuclear incidents--they are all guaranteed to threaten life sustainability - period! Even though many advocate continuing down this certain path of decimation, surely common sense tells us it is shear madness and should be universally stifled--the sooner the better.

Unless of course you happen to subscribe to mass population reduction as postulated by various eugenics inspired elitist factions. State your case and confirm your position to us--please.

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Mar 11, 2011

Fifty years ago science discovered how to duplicate a nuclear reaction, one end result gave us the ability to heat water to produce steam.

Steam driven generators produce electricity and so nuclear electricity generating stations were born.

Today we have proliferated nuclear generating stations which dot the landscapes of the world.

Stay tuned...

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