Ice Age mammals' demise - Humanity in the Clear.

Another startling revelation - climates of planets SHIFT over time! WOW!

According to a growing body of scientific work... it is now thought that planets are not isolated space bodies locked into a perpetual climatic state. After spending billions of dollars on research it is coming to light planets are in fact climatically dynamic and regardless of inhabitant activity have a tendency to move through what appears to be an endless cycle of climatic change.

Here I was--being council-led that because I live and breath I was in fact the reason for change in our current "sweet spot" climate condition... and... if I did not mend my ways and/or pay exorbitant climate control taxes we would all surely perish from inclement and hostile climate conditions. I should have suspected a trick I suppose.

That being said, humanity... or rather some human behaviors begat of stark naked greed and outright avarice have conspired over the years to rape, pillage and squander huge tracts of pristine planet environment for the sole purpose of accumulating obscene personal wealth.

Unfortunately this sub-specie of human, known legally as "Corporations" assisted by their natural companion "Politicians" and their parasite "Bankers", have--over the past several hundred years caused widespread poisoning and ruination of natural habitat and assisted the extinction of countless specie while strewing lethal disease "time-bombs" throughout their perceived exclusive domain.

Fortunately even the best destructive efforts of the evil triumvirate, "Corporate-Politico-Bankster" regime have only contributed a very small percentage of climate shift influence when compared to natural sources of climate shifting. This excuses nothing... the mode of extinction, ruination, sickness and general trashing of planetary resource and sustainability becomes moot--when only an uninhabitable shell remains.

I for one advocate a separation between heinous destructive activity through Corporate greed and the phenomena of climate shift. While they are mingled together it is difficult to address either condition in a clear and concise fashion. It could be said the elitist plunderers are hiding beneath the canopy of natural climate shift for the purpose of distraction and confusion--even desiring to make even more wealth on the backs of the naive. 

This aspect of errant human behavior, crass destruction and poisoning should not be confused with the broader topic of planet climate shifting--which occurs regularly with or without our dismal activities.

If climate shift is to be addressed it needs to be framed in a real context, not a profit based model designed to yield advantage to corporate and government interests. Climate shifting is an immutable phenomena and the only sensible approach to surviving it is to understand that and begin the process of adaption to it.

The notion of installing a global climate control knob at fantastic cost to the inhabitants is not only absurd but dangerous. While the fruitless and endless debate of "climate change" goes on... so does the climate change. It is time for affirmative adaptation action plans-not irrelevant finger pointing and attempted tax grabs.
Humans not to blame for all Ice Age mammals' demise
The extinction of the woolly rhino and the Eurasian muskox of the last Ice Age can't be blamed on humans, a new study has found.
"We know that these large mammals survived for many hundreds of thousands of years and through periods of warming," he said. "The question has been why at this final warming interval…were there so many extinctions?... What this paper does is it sort of ends the debate that there's a single cause."
Froese and the other Canadian collaborators provided fossils from Yukon's provincial collection and the Canadian Museum of Nature to use in the study, as well as data about how the environment in North America changed over the past 50 millenia. The study found that the range of humans mostly did not overlap with the range of the woolly rhinoceros and the Eurasian muskox at the time of their decline and extinction, suggesting that climate change was entirely to blame.
Am I anti progress? Of course not, but I do believe the definition of "progress" does not imply or condone "at any cost or price"... beware of folks who would tell you "change" is good... very often it is quite the opposite.

Remember this... Any sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from evil...

Can we reverse the tactics of the "destroyers." I have faith nature will, the universal law of balance and equilibrium is also immutable!

Stay tuned...

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