Pop. 7 Billion - Yet Another Great Elitist Lie.

The world's population will reach seven billion on October 31 2011, says the UN.

This is a pretty safe claim to make because it is absolutely impossible to prove the truth of it either way. By definition then... it is an outright lie.

That of course is the genius of elitist lie telling, the lies are most often founded upon statistic generating machines specifically designed to yield a convenient result... often used to justify all manner of scurrilousness agendas, in their favor of course.

The only thing to wonder is what these "alarming" population numbers are used for, think  wealth generation through "shortages" and mind conditioning to accept depopulation and eugenics strategies as a "reasonable" course of action.

So big are these lies they are difficult to refute, unless one applies a moment of thought to them.

Most often the press and other parroting agencies grab the attention getting headline and publish it as absolute truth, which is then accepted with a shrug by media spin conditioned minds.

How is this number arrived at? By counting heads, or analyzing accurate global census results? Of course not, neither of these people inventory mechanisms even exist.

What is used is the amazing World Population Counting Magic Clock... it is a modern marvel driven by a perpetual computerized counter--which since its beginning has faithfully and stupidly counted up an alarming number of additions to the human population.

The same sort of hypothetical dumb counters would have the entire earths surface covered in rabbits... sometimes reality is far away from "scientific" fantasy and politico propaganda. These days one can almost guarantee all elitist claims are bogus and wrought with self-interest inspired agendas - at your expense, of course.

The "World Population Magic Clock" was first seeded with the best educated guess of world population count at its inception, then a set of hypothetical birth and death parameter's were provided to the computer... which then began to produce an endless stream of hypothetical humans -- What could possibly be wrong with that?

The fact of the matter is... there is no way to know how many humans are on the planet and so by default claiming a number as "official"... is by definition a lie, it is not even an elaborate lie, at best it is a crude and heinous hoax.

Here is a snapshot of the Magic World Population clock taken today

Countdown to 7 Billion 1,881,856 people needed to reach 7 billion
In 9 Days, 1 Hour, 19 Minutes, 39 Seconds--
Population growth today--203,911
Births today 87,089
Deaths today 116,822
Net population growth today?
Population growth this year 106,849,988
Births this year--45,634,698
Deaths this year--61,215,290

Of course--the numbers on the live clock are spinning by at an incomprehensible rate--computers do numbers very quickly, especially when unhindered by developing facts... after-all it is not hooked up to any form of reality, it just generates numbers and so mere reality is not considered at all, ever.

A mega-tsunami could dispatch a couple of million of us overnight and the magic clock would be oblivious to that... and any other real event for that matter.

Speaking of reality here is a counterpoint to the fictitious numbers generated by the Magic World Population Clock...

Decline by nation

A number of nations today are facing long term population decline, stretching from North Asia (Japan through to Eastern Europe through Russia including KazakhstanUkraineBelarus,MoldovaEstoniaLatviaLithuaniaBulgariaGeorgiaArmeniaBosniaCroatiaSlovenia,GermanyHungary, and now Italy. Countries rapidly approaching long term population declines (but currently still growing, albeit slowly) include GreeceSpainCubaUruguayDenmarkFinland,Austria and Lesotho.

population decrease by 2050
Russia: -0.6%; -22%
Belarus -0.6%; -12%
Bulgaria -0.5%; -34%
Latvia -0.5%; -23%
Lithuania -0.4%; -15%
Hungary -0.3%; -11%
Romania -0.2%; -29%
Estonia -0.2%; -23%
Moldova -0.2%; -21%
Croatia -0.2%; -14%
Germany -0.2%; -9%
Czech Republic -0.1%; -8%
Japan 0%; -21%
Poland 0%; -17%
Slovakia 0%; -12%
Austria 0%; 8% increase
Italy 0%; -5%
Slovenia 0%; -5%
Greece 0%; -4%

Let us look at some actual facts and indications.

- 73.6% Of All Statistics Are Made Up Businessinsider

- The entire population of the world even the bogus number can fit into the state of Texas, physically.

Texas: 1 square mile = 5280 x 5280 square feet = 27,878,400 square feet. So 268,581 square miles = 7,487,608,550,400. For simplicity say 7.5 x 10^12. That divided by 7 x 10^9 is indeed over 1000 square feet per person. So if we made one giant one-story compound over Texas, land, water, and all, we would each get a 1,000 square foot unit.

- Only industrialized countries keep vital statistics, and most of the people who have lived in this century have not lived in industrialized countries. Therefore, we've got a HUGE margin of error to worry about.

- Former Russian President Vladimir Putin directed Parliament to adopt a 10-year program to stop the sharp decline in Russia's population, principally by offering financial incentives and subsidies to encourage women to have children.

- Australia currently offers a $5,000 bonus for every baby plus additional fortnightly payments, a free immunization scheme and recently proposed to pay all child care costs for women who want to work.

- Many European countries, including France, Italy and Poland, have offered some combination of bonuses and monthly payments to families.

- Some Japanese localities, facing significant population loss, are offering economic incentives.

- Yamatsuri, a town of 7,000 just north of Tokyo, offers parents $4,600 for the birth of a child and $460 a year for 10 years.

- The Republic of Singapore has a particularly lavish plan: $3,000 for the first child, $9,000 in cash and savings for the second; and up to $18,000 each for the third and fourth.

- China May Be Rethinking One-Child Policy to Avoid Expected Population Decline.

In any event the main point of this bog entry is to take any and all "official" proclamations with a grain of salt and to encourage folks to realize and recognize we live in an age of chronic government inspired misdirection, often in response to elitist manipulation of public servants who have a clear track record of bowing to the wants of corporate greed at the expense of their employer--the constituents. 

Unfortunately we need to recognize the system does not have corruption within it, rather the system IS corruption.

And to top it all off...

Experts: 30 to 50 percent of world's food thrown away
... and the big push by the eugenics freaks... is we have to thin out because of food issues. Well... I have an idea... they should read my book... :Over the cliff" by Hugo Furst, then act on it!

Judging by current events... this particular truth is very much self-evident.

Peter Eigen: How to expose the corrupt

Stay tuned...


  1. I guess that is my main point - there is absolutely no way anyone has any idea about the world population - save for the Magic population clock, used to justify all manner of dubious agendas. The saddest part is the absolute unquestioning acceptance of the number by EVERYONE, without question. From the number generated it seems folks leap onto the depopulation and eugenics bandwagon in the blink of an eye.

    Meanwhile many nations are facing alarming population decreases and fertility rate drops, which does not square at all with the output from the magic world population clock.

    I have read where some experts guess anywhere between 3 billion and 15 billion (depending who the study is commissioned by).

    My purpose of raising the issue is to promote basic questioning of the count and the agendas associated with it.

    It seems wrong to just accept the bogus fictitious number without question.

    A simple search on world population will demonstrate "why?"

    If there is an agent of evil, the minds behind this concocted number are the mother-load of the worst kind.

  2. The world's population is EXPECTED to reach seven billion on October 31 2011, predicted by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

    "Obviously the UN data is based on estimates and can't be 100% accurate, so in all honesty nobody can possibly say with any degree of certainty on which day world population will really hit 7 billion." - from

  3. Pick a number out of the magic hat... it will be as accurate as the magic worldometer.

    If you have roamed around the world to any degree... it can get real lonely out there. For that I am encouraged.


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