Sinkholes Increasing!

Seldom talked about... sinkholes are by and large a novelty news item unless the result turns deadly. They are usually an unpredictable event, unless one knows the terrain and any possible mining or liquid pumping operations in the vicinity. Sink hole appearance brings with it another facet of uncertainty - the agent of change.

New sinkholes have been correlated to land-use practices (Newton, 1986). Induced sinkholes are conceptually divided into two types: those resulting from ground-water pumping (Sinclair, 1982) and those related to construction and development practices. Modified drainage and diverted surface water commonly accompany construction activities and can lead to focused infiltration of surfacerunoff, flooding, and erosion of sinkhole prone earth materials.

Manmade impoundments used to treat or store industrial process water, sewage effluent, or runoff can also create a significant increase in the load bearing on the supporting geologic materials, causing sinkholes to form.

Other construction activities that can induce sinkholes include the erection of structures, well drilling, dewatering foundations, and mining.


As we continue to undermine the crustal infrastructure it is almost certain that sinkholes will become more prevalent.  Knowing what might be under your home could be a good thing to know.

Stay tuned...

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