The MAGIC World Population Clock

Behind the curtain...

Step right up folks, the most amazing piece of machinery ever devised by the incredible mind of man... it ticks, it clicks, it whirs, it frisks... it never stops, bobs or doubles back. Beyond compare folks... never been wound, never seen with the naked eye, it defies explanation, cogitation, rationalization. Unstoppable, improbable... this my friend is beyond the wildest of demented imaginations... It is the fabled, most rarest of the rare a veritable universal enigma wrapped in a conundrum... THE GREATEST TECHNOLOGICAL SLEIGHT OF HAND EVER FOISTED ON MANKIND...

Ladies and gentlemen... I give you THE MAGIC WORLD POPULATION COUNTING CLOCK! TAH DAH...

Watch it at work Looks harmless enough - eh?

Now the point here is not the "count number"... it is about the absolute lie of it and the consequent deception of it.

OK, so I overdid it a tad. but seriously folks, this could be the most dangerous bit of twisted and contorted data ever employed by the minds of evil - EVER! This little bit of skulduggery could be the finger that points out your child, wife grandma or you as a candidate for liquidation by abandonment. Think about that for one click of the infernal beast.

Just about every crazed subscriber to the eugenics agenda need only point to the "time" on this clock and their business case for genocidal intention is made for them. LOOK they will implore, in X amount of years there will be... (whatever the faithful clock projects as an astronomical count of people) on the planet!!!! You must agree... that will never do, will it? Look at us now... too many mouths not enough resource. Imagine if we let that state carry on.

Seductive in debate, this "deadly accurate" programmed magic people counter just cannot be argued with... and therein lies the beauty of it, elegant in simplicity and impregnable to counter claim. I am not debunking the veracity of the magic clock, but I also cannot defend it or any claimed global statistics since they originate from the clock.

The magic clock people will need to present their case. Sense tells us it can be no more than a programmers shot in the dark... why?... well let's take a look at what hard input variables exist to construct a logarithm for the program.

Let us look at the facts and indications.

- 73.6% Of All Statistics Are Made Up Businessinsider

- The entire population of the world even the bogus number can fit into the state of Texas, physically.

Texas: 1 square mile = 5280 x 5280 square feet = 27,878,400 square feet. So 268,581 square miles = 7,487,608,550,400. For simplicity say 7.5 x 10^12. That divided by 7 x 10^9 is indeed over 1000 square feet per person. So if we made one giant one-story compound over Texas, land, water, and all, we would each get a 1,000 square foot unit.

- Only industrialized countries keep vital statistics, and most of the people who have lived in this century have not lived in industrialized countries. Therefore, we've got a big margin of error to worry about.

- Former Russian President Vladimir Putin directed Parliament to adopt a 10-year program to stop the sharp decline in Russia's population, principally by offering financial incentives and subsidies to encourage women to have children.

- Australia currently offers a $5,000 bonus for every baby plus additional fortnightly payments, a free immunization scheme and recently proposed to pay all child care costs for women who want to work.

- Many European countries, including France, Italy and Poland, have offered some combination of bonuses and monthly payments to families.

- Some Japanese localities, facing significant population loss, are offering economic incentives.

- Yamatsuri, a town of 7,000 just north of Tokyo, offers parents $4,600 for the birth of a child and $460 a year for 10 years.

- The Republic of Singapore has a particularly lavish plan: $3,000 for the first child, $9,000 in cash and savings for the second; and up to $18,000 each for the third and fourth.

- China May Be Rethinking One-Child Policy to Avoid Expected Population Decline

These are hardly the actions of places with growing populations.

It seems to me the Magic Global Population Counting programmer may have pulled his program variables out of some sponsors rear end.

So our Magic population clock says one thing and hence countless headlines scream "Alarming population increase, while in reality many countries are either very concerned about alarming population drop or have no mechanism to count heads...

Either way it could erode your faith in the validity of the clock and all of the agendas tied to the output from it.

Remember also that most aid programs are contingent on headcount... no reason to fudge there - huh?

One last observation...

Health Assistance is the next big move. It is to become a privilege... THEY will decide whether you deserve it or not. This is also hooked up to the Magic population growth clock which is all hooked into the same elitist bastards preference for tolerating you... or not. Thumbs up, or thumb down.

Simply, coldly, scientifically - meet the criteria... or get checked out.

Tick tock, Tick tock...

How do you spell relief?

Stay tuned....


  1. Finally, someone who looks at the facts before responding irrationally. I have found a new blog to follow.

  2. facts;
    1. all humans in the space of texas? nice visual, but 1 square foot of living space would not be very comfortable, unless you got one of the edge squares.

    2. nations are battling lower pop growth to maintain the economic ponzi scheme (exponential growth.. forever). This is, of course, not possible.


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