Homeopathy is witchcraft, say doctors- The noose tightens.

I am an advocate for self-reliance and self-determination, in the olden days this was described by a simple word 'FREEDOM."

No harm. no foul, knock yourself out - Freedom.

A voracious list of lost freedoms has reared it's ubiquitous head since I have been on the planet.

The process for eroding freedoms is simple and extraordinarily simple.

- Identify either a confirmed case of mishap or project a future potential case.
- Have an "experts" meeting about it, include hopeful lobbyists who hope to profit.
- Descibe to the citizens the great benefit of the wisdom employed in making the decision.
- Make a law to prevent the activity - in the name of good and gracious for the people of course.
- Remove that freedom and attach a penalty for transgressing that law.

All well and good then, we are now safe from ourselves and our neighbor, be it all a smidge less free in payment. It sounds good and is... society does need some sort of understanding to coexist peacefully, about 10 of these meetings and laws would have been just fine.

The erosion of freedom over time is the bane. When 10 good laws become millions... the shoe moves to the other foot, legislation replaces freedom, lock stock and barrel. I am OK with your judgment, laws or not. The exceptions well... I am prepared to take that risk in exchange for my freedom back.

Here is a topical if not typical example. Legislature gone wild!

Homeopathy is witchcraft, say doctors!

Blah, blah, blah... (Explains the issue of health is about cost - not about getting well)

Gordon Lehany, chairman of the BMA's junior doctors committee in Scotland said it was wrong that some junior doctors were spending part of their training rotations in homeopathic hospitals, learning principles which had no place in science.

Blah, blah, blah... ( Explains that health has little to do with health care systems, it is about how much $$$ cost)

Advocates of homoeopathy say even if the effect of the remedies is to work as a placebo, they are chosen by thousands of people, and do not carry the risks and side effects of many mainstream medicines.
A survey carried out at England's NHS homeopathic hospitals found 70 per cent of patients said they felt some improvement after undergoing treatment.

Blah, blah, blah (A weak case for "getting alternately healed" is presented to make opposition look foolish, they are "doctors" after-all, and so obviously know best for us) Fair and balanced reporting?

And all like that!


Hey, wait a minute, are these the same characters that bought us the wonders of DDT and thalidomide and a whole host of other stuff we ignorant masses cannot pronounce and which they cannot handwrite legibly that time after time give us the gift of what are politely known as unintended consequence (deadly) to legions of hopeful and now expired patients....?

I can see clearly who should be making the call on what we should introduce into our bodies... can you?

The point though is not about who knows best... it is a point of process. Not the face value process they (TPTB) put forward as air tight sense and reason, logic and benevolent coaching... it is about long term erosion of the right to choose and the thoroughly twisted agendas put forward by self-professed experts and leadership who draw their implied power from us - their volunteer supplicants.

Things need to be taken down a peg or two, don't they?


I am not against conventional medicine, I am disturbed about current eugenics trends. I am suspicious of the growing acceptance of depopulation as a welcomed solution by the seductively infected. I do not believe the magic population growth clock which is used to justify all kinds of suspect agendas, and I am certainly skeptical about pharmaceutic influence and what seem to be blatant agendas to own our health while consolidating their wealth and power, I am aghast at the various moves of social engineering which seem loaded with ulterior motive.


Truth out....

Stay tuned...

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