Equatorial bulge growing...


Satellite data since 1998 indicates the bulge in the Earth's gravity field at the equator is growing, and scientists think that the ocean may hold the answer to the mystery of how the changes in the trend of Earth's gravity are occurring.

Currently, the Earth has a significant upward bulge at the equator, and a downward bulge at the poles. "Observations of the Earth's gravity field show that some phenomena are counteracting the gravitational effects of PGR. Whereas PGR has been decreasing the bulge in the Earth's gravity field at the equator, this recent phenomena is causing the bulge to increase," Cox said. Such changes in the gravity field can be sensed using ultra precise laser tracking of satellites to observe tiny changes in the orbits of those satellites and by tracking changes in the length of day or rotation of the Earth.

Scientists believe movements of mass cause this recent change from the high latitudes to the equator. Bulge!


The story is about the equatorial bulge growing, apparently quite rapidly.

For me, that is not the story at this moment, the story is why has so very little follow up been published since the discovery was made?

In subsequent posts we will explore the situation more... for now this will suffice to set the stage.
Are melting polar ice fields sending enormous volumes of water into the bulge? Can a tipping point be reached where gravity overcomes centrifugal force sending the pent up equatorial bulge into a catastrophic release? Could this be the mechanism of the "Noah flood" phenomena.

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  1. Yes, there was a great flood, but no, God wasn't angry at mankind at the time. God didn't pour torrential rain onto the earth for forty days and forty nights. God does not do stupid things like that. The great flood was caused by the change in ocean currents due to the decrease of centrifugal force the last time the earth slowed down, as well as by the unusual gravitational forces between the moon and the earth. Noah knew that during a pole shift, the ocean tides and currents take on completely different proportions.
    All the surface evidence points to land and ocean meeting at sea level at elevation zero. It seems apparent that sea level is the same everywhere on earth, but this is not the case. The earth isn’t perfectly round. Spinning on her axis distorts her shape, so it's a bit flatter at the poles, bulging slightly at the equator. When the earth is spinning, this discrepancy is negligible, but when the earth slows down, it becomes a whopper, due to the decrease of centrifugal force. Imagine the earth if she wasn't spinning. No more centrifugal force, therefore no more bulging. The earth’s shape would start approximating a perfect sphere, and most of the readjusting would be done by the oceans. The ocean currently bulges several kilometers into the air at the equator. The consequences of a pole shift on the oceans are far more dramatic than global warming or any climate change scenario.
    When the poles shift, the sea doesn't just lap at our shores. It rises and swallows land masses in its way. The rotational speed of the earth is slowing down quickly, hence the weakening magnetic field. Gravity of the earth and the pull of the moon are not the only significant forces controlling the extent of the oceans. The decrease of the centrifugal effect results in the oceans migrating toward the poles. There was a pole shift taking place when the waters parted for Moses and his people all those years ago.

  2. When the poles shift the bulge of water on the equator will be disrupted. Ice ages upon Ice ages has made the oceans. Held in place by gravity. One too many Ice ages has made this bulge. The water has no where to go so it bulges in certain areas. Its like cup of coffee without gravity. It over spills onto the saucer. With gravity present it bulges over the cup instead of flowing onto the saucer. One too many Ice ages has caused this bulge with gravity in place it bulges. Now with the slightest pull from gravitational.Will cause this water to be disrupted in areas. The shape of the earth is not perfectly round. Its like a dried prune. Melt water from ice ages has made the oceans and seas throughout planet earth.


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