Beyond Prophecy - What is going on and why?

Extreme Earth Changes...
What exactly is going on?

A Solar, Terrestrial & Social overview by Doug Lewis
- April 03, 2010 -

Question: What implication does ignorance or blindness have for policymakers responding to this crisis? "Well, quite frankly we didn't see it coming..."
(The circa 2007 authoritarian mantra)
... Over time, theories tend to cease being thought of as theoretical and begin to be thought of as unassailable, unquestionable fact. However, unquestioned fundamental assumptions will one day be science's downfall...
  • Is science failing to compile the bigger picture? 
  • Is government steadfast in their silence?
  • Are shifting conditions around and within our sun leading to a place of great earth change?
  • Is science, faced with ever changing discovery now in uncharted waters?
There have been many recent key announcements from the scientific community which give cause for concern, here I will present some background gleaned from recent scientific announcements and attempt to knit them together to reveal a larger and perhaps disturbing trend change within out solar reality.

  • Could increasing earth changes be associated with a new phenomena... Super Flux Transfer Events or "SFTE" for short? 
  • Could other recent solar system phenomena discoveries represent a cohesive causal mechanism for change? Are there other emerging factors compounding solar system behavior?

What are some of these acknowledged differences today?

2010 - Agents of change - My dirty dozen...

5. It has been announced that the equatorial bulge of the earth is growing rapidly.
Are melting polar ice fields sending enormous volumes of water into the bulge? Can a tipping point be reached where gravity overcomes centrifugal force sending the pent up equatorial bulge into a catastrophic release? Could this be the mechanism of the "Noah flood" phenomena.

Is this the entry point for the age of chronic uncertainty? Is Chronic Uncertainty the trigger and hope for universal societal change.

Is societal change about "A World The Way a World should be... through many doing a little bit of good a lot!

I have coined the term Super Flux Transfer Events or "SFTE", it is meant to convey an order of magnitude above recently discovered Flux Transfer Event or conventional CME events, I have a feeling the magnitude of solar discharge has the possibility of escalation as the discrete components cited, come together.

What could be some potential effects of these super concentrated strikes to the earth of charged ion particles? What signs can we look for that support the reality of looming change?

We could experience sudden, dramatic changes to weather patterns, Increased extreme weather events, Shifted seasonal patterns, Increased EQ activity, Mystery booms, Hyper cloudless sky "lightning" storms, Unusual sky effects, Tide and water level deviations, Unanticipated coronal mass ejections originating from a quiet sun.

This begs the question as to whether or not the authorities know what is coming and are they preparing for it in the background with attempts to...
  • Enrich earths solar shield with sky obscurification and electromagnetic fields in an attempt  to protect electrical and communications infrastructure? (HAARP/Chemtrails)
  • Are they creating "Ark's and Underground Facilities (D.U.M.B's)?
  • Other not well understood bleeding edge technology?

Must they... by their nature remain silent (for the good of social and economic stability)?

Could these and more realizations be leading to a conclusion of pending catastrophic, unavoidable  ... cyclic earth changes?

Stay tuned...


  1. What do you think about the oil spill?

    Carelessness or possibly something more sinister?

  2. I know I was off-topic. Please accept my humble apology. Let's say I am familiar with your theory about sun roil

    but currently I am obsessing about the spill. It's as if the oil is creeping into my brain and infiltrating my being.

  3. Not a prob Kali - everything is relevant... and... oftentimes almost nothing is critical. Can I get back to you on this? I have added email contact. Thanks for posting.

  4. OK, you got my attention with Numbers 5 and 10. 5 is pretty obvious, but what is the significance of 10? Is that more chemtrail clouds? Something more sinister?

    Nice place here, Owly. :-)

  5. Thank EJ :-)
    10. Noctilucent Clouds -Sightings of Night-Shining Clouds Increasing. I need to defer to the "experts" about what they are and why? The fact that occurrence frequency is higher now... at least confirms change is taking place in near space within our solar sphere. In the early going, confirmation of change is the initial objective. 10. Supports change is happening.

  6. What is going on with the extreme climatological changes happening on this planet? Social is over population... a very specialized, individualized. But as for the changes that are happening is as common as the seasons changing year to year and precessional season to precessional season. The ancient civilizations gave us calendars, and two of them are very important, for us to discover our seasonal changes and that they are predictable... read my blog to find out more...


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